Apple doesn't let it's secrets fall far from the tree but a top secret iPhone 5 prototype was recently lost by an Apple employee. The iPhone was left in a San Francisco bar and it is presumed that the person who found either sold it on eBay or Craigslist. This may sound very familiar as last year another Apple employee lost an iPhone 4 prototype which was then sold to Gizmodo. The reason the employees are carrying around the iPhone prototypes is for field testing, taking the phones out into the real world and using them.

The owner of Cara 22, the bar where the iPhone was lost, said in July a customer called for several days asking if they found his iPhone. It was reported by CNet that the phone he was looking for was an unreleased iPhone 5 prototype. Apple has set out to get the phone back and used GPS tracking to find it's location but were unable to recover the phone. This has Apple worried because they don't want the phone to get into their competitor's hands, and they are hoping the person who has the phone is not a tech expert as this would put Apple at risk of losing their secrets which could take a bite out of their profits.